I'm a unicorn
I'm not perfect
Suppy <------- yup that my word. I'm Ice... like Ice cube call me whatever make you happy but anyway.....this is my blog. It will most likely give you a different feel if you look at it at different times it changes depending on how I feel that day because well it's mine I can do whatever I want babe >.< Um yeah I'm pretty friendly although I have strong opinions and I say what I feel so just be careful. I am a sarcastic fucking asshole but if you pretty much look pass that I'm just another cheesy teenage girl who have a crush on basically everybody XD. So if you actually take your time to read this thanks um kay I love you ask me about anything, sent fanmail or just simply stop by to say hi and it'll make my day. I don't know what to say,,,, let be best friends and get marry? <3<3<3<3

Im alway here guys

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